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3 Tips to Daily Natural Hair Care

Being a natural sistah is a 24-hour job! You can't take breaks from conditioning and caring for your hair! There are plenty of posts online about how to get up and go in the morning and how to sleep pineapple style at night, but what about the in-between? Well no fear loves, I've got some tips and tricks I've used on my hair for years that I'm more than happy to share with you!

My big red fro in full effect thanks to these tips.

1. Keep yourself prepared! You wouldn't go on a long hike without bringing some snacks, hiking boots and whatever else you bring on hikes (not my thing but you get my point), so why wouldn't you do the same with your hair? Weather alone should be a strong enough reason for you to take all necessary items with you. In my bag I keep:

  • A small spray bottle of water

  • Oils/hair lotion

  • Extra hair ties and bobby pins

These items saved my butt 2 months ago when I had a big presentation at my internship and the rubber band in my hair snapped (I know we've all been there)! A quick spritz of water and some creative redesigning and then I was back in business!

2. Pay attention to the weather! The weather can be your best curl friend or your worst nightmare! So stay vigilant cause Mother Nature can be a real backstabber. While considering your hair-do for the day pay attention to the humidity level outside. Knowing your hair is important here too. For some, humidity can actually help nourish curls while for others it can turn hair into a frizzy disaster.

3. Take advantage of protective styles! There's nothing wrong with throwing your hair into some twists and putting on a cute hat from time to time. This is especially great during the bitter winter months. Put in your favorite deep conditioner or hair mask for extra benefits! And during the summer months I prefer long term protective looks. Especially because the ungodly Texas sun can cause brittle heat damage to your curls! My choice for summer 2017 was golden brown bohemian goddess locs (pictured below).

I did these bohemian goddess locs for Summer 2017.

And that's all she wrote.


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