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Glow in the Winter

Let's talk about the glow!! ✨

Who says you can't glow when it's cold outside? That's not fair to your skin! It deserves to be moisturized and nourished all year long! Here's my glow routine:

  1. For me, cocoa butter is my absolute bestest friend and I use it as my base for my lotion routine. I'm still looking for some pure cocoa butter, but the cocoa butter Vaseline lotion is doing great justice for my skin. The lotion is designed to reveal your natural glow and you could honestly stop here, but I believe in being extra so I add 2 more steps!

  2. After, I use this amazing Vitamin E cream from Sam's Club and let it soak in without rubbing. The one I use is super great because it's safe for sensitive skin, and for someone like me with naturally prone dry/ashy skin, this is a god sent! It also has Vitamins A and D which are also the top skin vitamins. You may not know this, but you probably don't have enough Vitamin D in your system! All these vitamins are important for you and your skin because they reduce wrinkles, improve antioxidants in your system and of course nourish your skin.

  3. I top it all off with a fun scent lotion! My faves are all from Bath & Body Works. I prefer to use their 24 hour nourishing Ultra Shea Body Creams because they're thicker and contain more good stuff than the basic body lotions. Right now, I'm obsessed with their rose champagne fragrance that I was smart enough to buy 2 bottle of during their sale because it's been discontinued :( (but this one is very similar).

These three steps may seem tedious at first, but you'll see results from it instantaneously!

Share with me how you get your daily glow!

And that's all she wrote!

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